Past District Governors

TermGovernorRotary International Theme
2021-2022Bob RauschServe to Change Lives
2020-2021Sunny KellermanRotary Opens Opportunities
2019-2020Gary KingRotary Connects the World
2018-2019Linda WoodwardBe the Inspiration
2017-2018Doreen KelseyRotary:Making a Difference
2016-2017Dave AndersonRotary Serving Humanity
2015-2016Tom WalkerBe a Gift to the World
2014-2015Lonnie LeslieLight Up Rotary
2013-2014Kit TurpenEngage Rotary - Change Lives
2012-2013Mark GlennPeace Through Service
2011-2012Bobby WallaceReach Within to Embrace Humanity
2010-2011Tim ParkerBuilding Communities \/ Bridging Continents
2009-2010Dick JonesThe Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
2008-2009Tom LindsayMake Dreams Real
2007-2008Jackie MorganRotary Shares
2006-2007Dennis EdwardsLead The Way
2005-2006Mike AdkinsService Above Self
2004-2005Rick AkinsCelebrate Rotary
2003-2004Bonnie FairallLend A Hand
2002-2003Dan GarrisonSow The Seeds of Love
2001-2002Bob De La HuntMankind Is Our Busness
2000-2001Randy GleasonCreate Awareness-Take Action
1999-2000Myrtle FritcheAct with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity
1998-1999Bob WootenFollow Your Rotary Dream
1997-1998Dan SchulteShow Rotary Cares - For Your Community, For Our World, For Its People
1996-1997Johnny LaneBuild The Future With Action & Vision
1995-1996Reba LovrienAct With Integrity - Serve with Love - Work for Peace
1994-1995Richard MatthewsBe A Friend
1993-1994Clark Lovrien Jr.Believe In What You Can Do - Do What You Believe In
1992-1993Bill DeGrootReal Happiness is Helping Others
1991-1992Don ShuffstallLook Beyond Yourself
1990-1991Paul HerringHonor Rotary With Faith & Enthusiasm
1989-1990Sonny BrownEnjoy Rotary
1988-1989Rex N. BrownPut Life Into Rotary--Your Life
1987-1988C. Neal JohnsonRotarians - United in Service, Dedicated to Peace
1986-1987William J. ButlerRotary Brings Hope
1985-1986Earl H. HathornYou Are The Key
1984-1985Robert (St.) NanningaDiscover a New World of Service
1983-1984Harold E. DeShurleyShare Rotary - Serve People
1982-1983Marvin TremblyMankind is One - Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World
1981-1982Henry PickWorld Understanding & Peace Through Rotary
1980-1981Marvin D. RohovicTake Time To Serve
1979-1980A. Vincent WardLet Service Light the Way
1978-1979Parker A. WoodalReach Out
1977-1978Wayne JohnsonServe to Unite Mankind
1976-1977F.C. WilliamsonI Believe in Rotary
1975-1976Joe M. HenryTo Dignify the Human Being
1974-1975Ralph StuckyRenew the Spirit of Rotary
1973-1974Billie HolderA Time for Action
1972-1973Robert ColtharpLet's Take A New Look - And Act
1971-1972Martin W. FleckGoodwill Begins With You
1970-1971Walter WadeBridge the Gaps
1969-1970R. Ken TuckerReview & Renew
1968-1969Carl ConnorsParticipate
1967-1968Wilfred McCormickMake Your Rotary Friendship Effective
1966-1967Zane SmithA Better World Through Rotary
1965-1966Melvin HillAction, Consolidation & Continuity
1964-1965Ted BonnellLive Rotary
1963-1964Dewey LivingstonMeeting Rotary's Challenge in the Space Age
1962-1963W.A. Adams Jr.Kindle the Spark Within
1961-1962(ACT) Aim, Communicate, Test
1960-1961You are Rotary - Live it! Express It! Expand It!
1959-1960Vitalize, Personalize, Build Bridges of Friendship
1958-1959Help Shape the Future
1956-1957Keep Rotary Simple. Learn More About Each Other
1955-1956Develop Our Resources
1954-1955Glean from the Past and Act, Share With Others
1953-1954Rotary is Hope in Action.