Website Editing – Speaker Listings

The web site is designed to base speaker listings on Google Calendars.  So, all that needs to be done to have a speaker listing is to enter the content into a Google Calendar.

The people who will have the ability to modify this are the Webmaster, the President, and the Speakers Chair.   Each will be granted privilege to modify the calendar.  To edit these calendars

  • Go to a web browser
  • Log on to google
  • Select Google calendar . From the page, in the upper right there will be an icon with 9 tiny squares in a 3×3 grid.   Click on that, then select Calendar.

There are two calendars.  One is for our club meetings.   The other is for other club meetings.   I display each at different places on the web site.

Since there will be multiple listings for different clubs, please put the location into the form for the event.   I would suggest a format such as I have used for our location, including the club and the venue:

Rotary West El Paso, Great American Steakburger, 701 S. Mesa Hills Dr. El Paso, TX 79912