Web Design – Entering Calendar Events

Locating the Calendar

The web site is designed to base our club calendar on a Google Calendar.  So, all that needs to be done to have an event is to enter the content into a Google Calendar.

The people who will have the ability to modify this are the Webmaster, the President, and others to be decided later.   Each will be granted privilege to modify the calendar.  To edit these calendars

  • Go to a web browser
  • Log on to google
  • Select Google calendar . From the page Google.com, in the upper right there will be an icon with 9 tiny squares in a 3×3 grid.   Click on that, then select Calendar.  If you are authorized to edit the calendar, it will already be in your listing.

Do not confuse the events calendar with the speaker calendar.  They are different.

What This Calendar is For

First of all, there is a separate area for speakers.   Do not include them here.

Also, the intent is that this is a calendar for our members.   So, any event that we think is important for one of our members to attend should be included.   So, events that we do not really expect members to participate in should go elsewhere.

So, things we want:

  • Golf Tournament
  • Board Meeting
  • Committee Meeting
  • Club Social
  • Events of other clubs that we would like our members to attend
  • District events that we would like our members to attend
  • RI Events we want members to attend

Address Lookup

You can enter addresses and the system will look them up.   For instance, in the location area, you could type Great American Steakburger and the system will find the full address for you.

EMail Addresses

A personal email address for a contact is not recommended on a web site because it can lead to extra spam for the addressee.  Phone numbers are better choices.

Remember to:

  • Include the title
  • Include the start time
  • Include the end time
  • Include the location
  • Identify the contact person with phone number.