Other El Paso Area Rotary Clubs

The following are the Rotary clubs of El Paso, TX and Anthony, NM/TX.   All are great opportunities for makeups.

Please follow the links  below to contact these clubs regarding their meeting time and location during the Covid pandemic.

Tuesday – noon

Rotary Club of East El Paso
7956 Gateway Blvd East

Wednesday, 7:00 am

El Paso Sunrise Rotary Club
Country Inn and Suites
900 Sunland Park Dr.

Wednesday, 6:00 pm (meeting in Spanish)

Camino Real Rotary Club
Camino Real Hotel
101 S. El Paso St
El Paso, TX 79901

Thursday, noon

Rotary Club of El Paso
The El Paso Community Foundation
333 N. Oregon, 1st floor

Thursday, noon

Rotary Club of Anthony NM/TX
Dos Lagos Golf Club
Anthony, NM

Thursday, 6:00 pm

El Paso Zaragosa Rotary Club
Great American Steakhouse
1345 George Dieter
El Paso, TX

Friday, noon

Rotary Club of Northeast El Paso
Golden Corral
4610 Woodrow Bean Trans Mountain Drive
El Paso, TX 79924