Creating a Blog Post – The Basics

Creating a Post

The common process to create a post is as follows.

  • Log on to the site.
  • Click on the + icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select Post.
  • The system will display the editor for the post.
  • Enter a title.
  • Add content to the main entry area.
  • Set a Featured Image, if desired, at the bottom of the right column.
  • Assign categories (right column).
  • Select other options.  Generally needed for most posts.
  • Click Publish

Editing a Post

To edit a post:

  • Log on to the site
  • In the left colum, hover over Posts, and click All Posts
  • Find the desired post, and click on its title.
  • Make changes to the post.
  • Click on Update


Categories will become important as we add more posts and people want to sort out posts by their category.  So, I suggest you always use at least one category.

Featured Image

Using a featured image is desirable.   It makes the post look more interesting to the reader.   Also, it is automatically sized to a suitable size for the page.   It is placed above the content, but after the title.

Other Images

  • Add images to your post with the “Add Media” button at the top of the editor.
  • Images can be added to the post anywhere in the content.
  • You can control the size of the image and its justification (left, center, right)
  • Left and right justification will cause text to flow around the image.
  • “No” justification causes the image to be treated as if it were a character (in line with other text)

Other Media

  • Other media (text files, pdf files) can be added as well
  • They will appear as a link when inserted.

Importing Media (Images, PDF files, text files)

  • Media can be uploaded at any time by hovering over the + at the top of the page and selecting “media”
  • Media can be uploaded in the middle of adding media.
  • It is a good idea to have a meaningful name on the file before uploading it.  This will help in searching for media at a later time.

Adding Web Links

To add a web link:

  • Highlight the text you want to be linked
  • Select the “link” icon in the editor toolbar.
  • Enter the address of the link.
  • If you want to link to a page or post on the web site, click on the pencil icon and then the gear icon.
  • Press enter.

Open Linked Items in Separate Window

One useful selection is that if a link takes you away from the web site and its menu structure, then open it in a separate tab.  That way the user can easily find his/her way back to the main site.   To have an item open in a separate tab.

  • Click on the item (during editing)
  • Click on the pencil icon and then the gear icon.
  • Check the box that says “Open link in a new tab”
  • Click Update.

Text Paragraphs vs Headings

All text has a type which can be selected by the drop down box in the editor.   These can be:

  • Paragraph – Paragraphs automatically have space before and after them and wrap on the page.   They are all based on the standard font for the site.
  • Headings – There are 6 possible heading styles, that vary in size.   Headings also are put on their own line.
  • This site uses Heading 2 within the pages and posts for titles

Text Formatting

The editing icons let you format content in several ways:

  • bold, italic, underscore
  • bulleted or numbered lists
  • left or right justification
  • text and background colors
  • more or less indention