Creating a Blog Post – More

Feature Image vs images

The use of a feature image will be good for most posts.   It will add life with a visual.   Setup is minimal.  The size and location are automatic, and as far as I can see, appear as I want.

Author photo

One use for a smaller photo could be a photo of the author at the beginning, with text wrapped around it.   This might be suitable for regular posts such as a “Presidents Message”.

Title Formats

To keep a uniform look to the web site, it is requested that we use Heading 2 for all headings within posts.


Having categories will be important for organization as we go forward.   But I chose to start out with a minimal number of essential categories until we get a little further and see what our needs become.   Some ideas for categories are: President’s Corner, Club Socials, Committee Meetings.  Let me know your thoughts.


Whenever you have a link to another site or to a document, please have that appear in another tab.   That way the user can easily get back to our site.