Rotary Club of West El Paso

Current Roster of the Rotary Club of West El Paso

The name of a prospective member, shall be submitted in writing to the board, through the club secretary, using the New Member Application Form. The board shall ensure that the proposed member meets all the classification and membership requirements of Rotary International.

Members of the Rotary Club of West El Paso

= Board Members | = Member/ PP = Past President/ PHF = Paul Harris Fellow/ PHS = Paul Harris Society/ FB = Foundation Benefactor/ MD = Major Donor

[This page was last updated on July 25, 2017]
Click to Email PHF Spouse Business Business Phone
Albers, Kristi PHF Fred The First Tee of El Paso (915)252-6511
Alcalde, Javier Norma (915)342-7526
Allen, Jesse PP PHF+4 Ann Retired (915)261-9266
Beamesderfer, Carey PP PHF+3 Donna Retired (717)578-2129
Blacksher, Burt PHF Jo West Star Bank (915)757-1039
Borrett, Doug PP PHF+2 Sally The Karam Company (915)584-1212 x106
Boswell, Sandy PHF Home Pros (915)630-5725
Campbell, Joanne John Pena, Briones McDaniel (915)342-0496
Caroll, Arlene PHF David West Star Bank (915)747-4936
Chavez, Joseph Plains Capital Bank (915)342-6441
Crook, Jim Home Pros Real Estate (915)999-7635
Crossland, Damon PHF Janice Crossland & Co. Insurance (915)584-5480
Driscoll, Dave PHF+1 Debra Ainsa Hutsn LLP (915)845-5302
Duran, Esmiel (Izzy) PHF+2 Nancy Retired (915)775-0046
Easley, James Angie Citizens Bank (915)525-1993
Gale, Gail PHF Thomas United Way of EP County (915)533-2434 x232
Gonzalez-Barney, Chava PHF+3 Margarita SGB Engineering, Inc. (915)565-5205
Hallmark, Suzanna PHF Ken First Presbyterian Christian Preschool (915)373-2318
Heard, James PP PHF+1 Mary Ann James Heard Insurance Agency (915)581-7925
Henson, Curt Brightwood College (915)346-1631
Huit, Lorraine PP PHF Cardel Design (915)630-3312
Kaplan, Sofia PHF Carlos Volunteer at PreSchool (915)731-0111
Klein, Ingo PP PHF+8 PHS FB Inga Klein Enterprises,LLC (915)584-9484
Latimer, Joanne PP PHF+1 Dave Tri State Mortgage (915)581-3333
LeMone, Dave PHF (Rule of 85) Retired UTEP Professor (915)747-5275
Lenox, Mark PHF Veterinarian (915)584-3459
Lewis,Carol PHF Tommy Lewis Realty Group, Inc. (915)544-5205
Lobello, Rick PHF+1(Rule of 85) El Paso Zoo (915)521-1881
Locke, Neal Amy Pastor (915)533-7551
Magana, Leonor Antonio The Salvation Army (915)799-5757
Margherio-Alvarez, Jessica Miguel United Bank (915)231-2514
Marquez, Jose Serv Pro of West El Paso (915)585-3434
Marquez, Miguel Luz Hospice - El Paso (915)532-5699
Mier, Genaro PHF Anna ASA Architects (915)544-4887
Mletzko, Luz Ofelia PP PHF Sager Electronics (915)474-0113
Peterson, Robert PHF+2 Lil One Source Federal Credit Union (915)791-4601
Plesant, Maurice PHF Diana (915)781-2000
Ponce, Gail PHF Albert Napier & Lillebo LLP (915)633-6555
Powell, Don PHF+1 (Rule of 85) Bobbie Retired (915)821-7170
Sanders, Annette Michael State Farm (915)877-9020
Schmid, Mike Rochelle Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent & Gano (915)544-6770
Sharma, Anita Hemani EPISD (915)630-6858
Slavin, Ken PP PHF+1 Suzanna Kemp Smith LLP (915)546-5263
Velasco, Monica Fastsigns (915)772-5700
Villanueva, Mark Yvette CBC Fine Jewelers (915)760-6659
Wieland, LuAnn PP PHF+1 Retired (915)549-9270
Wootten, Gerri PHF+8 FB MD(Rule of 85) Retired (915)877-3683